Spain has always been a favorite destination for most persons seeking a good climate, be it for their annual holidays or for more long-term plans including moving to this country. Thanks to this wonderful climate, you can enjoy up to 3000 hours of sunshine per year depending on the coastal region you decided to move to. For golf lovers it is possible to practice this sport in most parts of Spain throughout the year without having to worry about weather conditions.
Besides the exceptionally good climate you will find very attractive properties - be it for sale or for rent - at an affordable price.  In addition:  the living expenses are much lower than they are in the average of the countries in the EU. So it is no wonder that an important number of tourists from many European countries after having spent their vacations here, decide to choose Spain as their permanent residence.
Just imagine yourself in mid-December enjoying a nice meal on a terrace alongside the coast of the Mediterranean sea. And the Spanish cooking is well renowned and especially very healthy as well.
If you seek companions, there are so many people from most European countries here that you will have no problems with loneliness or communication.  Many British expats are very engaged in active community life to the welfare of Spain. You find almost all economic enterprises you have in your home country, so you should have no problems getting things arranged and problems solved. And not to forget : most Spaniards are very welcoming, open-minded,  friendly and helpful.
Despite the market fluctuations, you always will have the opportunity to make an excellent short, medium or long term investment in Spain due to the most competitive offers available in this sector in Europe.
So Don’t hesitate ,.. come over and discover this beautiful country with its natural wonders, its interesting history and culture, its castles, monasteries and cathedrals, its unbeatable beautiful coasts and last not least its excellent prospects for prosperous investments